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16" Puppet Group
16" Puppet characters
Any included clothing will be different than shown in photos.

The 16" hand puppet has a soft foam foundation for the head that is covered with fabric. However, the body does not have a foam structure like the 26" puppet. Another difference is that the arm rods are wooden and have a rubber band that wrap around the puppets wrist. The rubber bands are transparent, but the wooden rod is a little more visible to the audience than the metal one is. The 16" puppet can wear clothing from any children's department that is sized for a 6 or 9 month old child.


16" puppet made with shaggy pink fur, bright yellow standard fleece, green ostrich feather hair, big Muppet style eyes, and one tooth. Includes one removable wood rod controller.

$90 plus shipping

Ruby the Red
Hat Lady

16" puppet made with custom dyed peach standard fleece, white feather hair, big Muppet style eyes, red lips, red fingernails, red hat, and red boa. Includes one removable wood rod controller.

$110 plus shipping

16" puppet made with long shaggy turquoise fur, bright yellow fleece face & fingers, one tooth, big Muppet style eyes, and little puffy under eye feature. Includes one removable wood rod controller.

$90 plus shipping
16" PUPPET: Norbit 16" PUPPET: Ruby the Red Hat Lady 16" PUPPET: Tweak

16" PUPPET: Fidget

16" puppet made with dark blue & custom dyed peach standard fleece, white ostrich feather hair, crazy Muppet style eyes, big ears, and two front teeth. Includes one removable wood rod controller.

Temporarily Unavailable

$90 plus shipping  

16" Puppet Accessories

Image coming soon

Add Legs:
Want removable legs for your 16" puppets? These are approximately 8" long, attached via Velcro, and are made with individual toe details. A great versatile option to make your puppet a ventriloquist dummy. Total height with legs is approximately 24"

Best if ordered at the same time as your 16" puppet so that fabric color is an exact match.

$60 plus shipping:

Image coming soon

Standard Rod Arm Controller:
Need an extra arm controller for your 16" Puppet or Soft Ventriloquist Figure? This is a 12" wood rod arm custom made by Puppet Planet that will fit most puppets and comes with instructions for attaching and removing.

Each Puppet Planet character comes standard with one arm controller but you can purchase as many extras as you need!

$8 plus shipping:

Image coming soon

Upgrade To Muppet Fleece Fabric:
Want your 16" puppet to be made with Muppet fleece instead of standard fleece? Muppet fleece is slightly thicker, more durable, & higher quality than standard fleece. It's the same fabric Jim Henson used to make most of his characters. It's still used by professional builders of puppets & sports mascots today.

$30 plus shipping:

Image coming soon

16" Puppet Display Stand
What better way to display your 16" puppets than with this hand crafted natural wood stand?!

At about 11" tall with a 3.5" square base, they come lightly sanded and ready for you to paint or stain.

$10 plus shipping:
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