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ANTRON FLEECE (Muppet fleece)

12oz (13.98 /yard) or 14oz (14.98 /yard).
Solid white, or ask about custom coloring.

$10 min shipping charge. 

Georgia Stage, Inc.
Kathy -
Toll free ph: 800-211-8217
No minimum order quantity!

(what David Pannabecker uses)

Product: F1845
Sheet Size:
1/2" thickness - $7.16/sheet
3/4" thickness - $10.74/sheet

BestWay Foam, Inc.
Toll free ph: 800-688-9159

Plastic Muppet Type Eyes
(see eye tutorial above on how to use)
"Blank" 450's (ping pong ball sized)
or 650's (bit larger), & tell 'em
ya need the metal fasteners too!
Minimum Order - 1,000 pcs

Mercury Plastic Corp.
Bill Wright -
929 Utica Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11203
Ph: 718-498-5400 Fax: 718-498-5424

(Multi-use coating, texture, & glaze)
Used in The Foam Book Videos
$2.50/1 Oz  up to $183.33/ 5 Gal

Online Information & Ordering

Sculptural Arts Coating, Inc.
501 Guilford Ave., Greensboro, NC 27401
Toll free ph: 800-743-0379