Puppet Making Supplies

Puppets ARE NOT just for Puppet Shows anymore!

You don't have to be a clown, magician, or puppeteer to enjoy the benefits
and magic of puppets! Ordinary people like you and me can easily apply
puppetry in our professional and family life.

Puppets aren't just FOR KIDS either!

Puppets are appearing in corporate meetings more and more everyday.
Training used to be boring, time consuming sessions of lecture that literally put employees to sleep! Use a comical portrait puppet of the boss or better yet, a parody puppet of a well known client. Your employees will be laughing and participating like you wouldn't believe!

You can make your own Puppet ~ START TODAY!


Puppet Eyes, Stages, Fabric by the Yard, Patterns, Tutorials, and More!

Please expect 4-6 wks shipping for some items. If you need them sooner, please contact me prior to purchase to confirm immediate availability.

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Puppets on the Moon
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